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19th December, 2011

11:15 pm - 101 in 1001 (started 12/12/11)


Become fluent in French

Learn to speak basic German

Learn to say 'i love you' in 10 different languages

Learn 10 useful phrases in 10 different languages

Learn 100 French verbs

Find a French penpal and write letters in French

Finish all busuu.com units in Spanish

Finish all busuu.com units in German


Watch every episode of dollhouse

Make an iTunes playlist of 101 of my favourite songs

Read 101 books

Watch 101 movies

Watch at least 100 episodes of Pokemon

Read at least 5 comics

Go to the cinema 10 times

See a roller derby bout live


Keep a gratitude journal for 365 days

Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

Have a list of 1001 favourite quotes

Make a list of 101 things i have already achieved

Make a list of 25 things i like about myself

Keep a food diary for a month

Identify 100 things that make me happy

Send a secret to postsecret

Finish all poems and stories started before 12/12/11

Finish Reload Tomorrow

Complete both MASH fanfics

Complete Sam/Jack fic

Complete Daniel/Vala fic

Complete Willow/Tara fics

Make inspirational journal

Write a fan letter

Complete the LGBT 30 day challenge

Leave a note in a book that says: if you liked this book email me at____ (x15)


Be 62 kgs

Go to 101 gym classes (4/101)

Go rockclimbing

Go hiking

No fast food for a month (Started 18/12/11)

No chocolate for a week (5 times)

Do the 200 squats challenge (www.twohundredsquats.com) (50/200)

Go rollerskating

Eat vegetarian for a week

Go to the gym 7 days in a row

Go to the gym 500 times (4/500)

Run entire length of the walkway

Eat nothing but fruit/veg for 24 hours


Have 5000 posts on tumblr

Get a tattoo

Finish a whole colouring book

Have shower sex

Give flowers to someone

Get flowers from someone

Have 101 followers on tumblr

Get a New Year's kiss at midnight

Get rid of 100 things

Leave a note inside a book for someone else to find

Organise my HDD

Become part of the RSPCA TLC program

Have a boardgame night

Make 101 zentangles

Put all cds on the computer

Finish a whole logic book

Finish a whole kakuro book

Finish 10 crocheted projects

Grow something 

Complete 12 of 12 project for 12 months

Scrapbook 101 list

Learn a new card game

Leave 25 operation beautiful notes (and photograph them)

Make a treasure hunt for someone

Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet

Donate blood

Go people watching for at least 24 hours

Have a relationship lasting at least 6 months

Travel/Out and About

Go to Europe

Go to a gay pride event

Get a passport

Go on a road trip

Meet one of my penpals/RTA friends

Visit Platform 9 3/4

Go to the zoo

Spend a day at Hahndorf/Mt Lofty

Ride a rollercoaster that goes upside down

Go out for dinner 10 times

Go on a picnic


Buy a little black dress

Buy a car

Move house

Keep a swear jar for a  month

Go a week without buying anything

Put away $10 for every goal completed

Don't buy any books/dvds/games for a month

Don't buy any clothes/accessories for a month

Keep a spending diary for a month


Be able to name all countries on Sporcle.com (155/196)

Learn to drive a manual car

Learn to crochet

Read 101 academic articles

Find and prepare 25 new dishes

Expand my vocabulary by 100 words

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10th July, 2011

09:21 pm
Hmm, maybe i should start using this journal again? I don't know what i would use it for though... i'm not really writing much these days. :/

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2nd August, 2010

12:44 pm - Nine Gates of Hell (19/19)
 Title: Nine Gates of Hell
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: David asks Emily to spend the week with him at the beach, but they have company in the form of his wife, son and her boyfriend. Things do not go as planned.
Disclaimer: Emily and David aren't mine... nor is Zooey... or anyone else mentioned in this story.

AN: This is the last chapter. I don't think this is how I planned for this to end when I began and I feel bad that there isn't a better ending for you guys. Hopefully you'll enjoy this quick little final chapter. 

Part 19

The next day was an interview day. They were my favourite while at the same time being my least favourite type of day. I loved getting to spend the entire day bantering with David, even though it sometimes felt like we were repeating the same information over and over again, every so often someone would ask us something truly original and I’d end up learning something new about him. The torturous part was the fear that somebody might realise how I felt about him, that someone might start questioning our relationship, I wasn’t sure how well I would be able to deny it. The entire situation was made worse by the fact that there was suddenly something that actually needed denying.
Of course that didn’t matter much after the third interview of the day because David decided that was the appropriate time to blurt out to the interviewer that he and his wife had separated. Followed very quickly by him planting a very passionate kiss on my lips that left everyone in the room very aware of the situation. He and his wife were separated and he and I were now more than just coworkers.

Our pulicists were on us in a flash shooing the interviewer from the room, not that she cared much, she had the biggest scoop of the day. ‘Bones stars find love’. There would be no keeping it under wraps, all the biggest networks would pick it up before the evening news and it would be online even before that.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to strangle David or kiss him. Could he have been any more stupid if he tried?

“That was a dumnbass stunt David. I swear you do this just to make me work to clean up your mess. But what were you thinking bringing Emily into it?” His publicist was reaming him out and he looked like a kicked puppy.

“It’s not some stunt. Jaime and I are getting a divorce and I’m currently living with Emily”

Both the publicists looked to me for confirmation. I nodded.

“Fine, but for the record it would be better if you discussed these things with me before blurting them out to a room full of journalists.”

“At least we don’t have to worry about them finding out” I joked.

David smiled “And now I can kiss you whenever I like. And take you out to dinner, like you deserve”

“But I was getting used to staying in” I teased “Dinner does sound nice though”

I couldn’t be too angry with David. However the press had found out would have been messy but it was better that we could control to some extent how the story ran.

There was no discussion about whether the press day would continue. It had to. We needed a chance to clarify our story, to make sure it was clear we had not acted behind Jaime’s back, that their marriage had ended before our relationship began. That was the most important thing now.


After the media circus died down things went pretty smoothly. David and Jaime Divorced, we took Jaden and Bardot every other weekend. We didn’t get married but we did eventually have a baby. When I fell pregnant half way through the filming of the seventh season it was decided that it was time for the pregnancy to be written into the plot rather than ignored. So as the eighth season of Bones began, Booth and Brennan became the proud parents of a little girl that Booth was determined would become an FBI agent and David and I became the proud parents of a little boy who we just hoped would grow up healthy.

Bones lasted one more season after that before the network called it quits. Oliver is seven now. Both David and I have mostly retired from acting and now we mostly work behind the scenes, directing and producing, on occasion writing. Our story isn’t over yet but I wanted to get the first bits down before they fade from my memory entirely, I am sure some aspects of this story differ from how they actually occurred, and that some of them I remember as being more magical than they actually were. Either way, this is the story of how a friendship blossomed into something more and I traded one David for another. Oh, and Zooey did eventually buy me that Kama Sutra for my birthday which David and I have been enjoying ever since, in fact, I believe that’s how Oliver was conceived.

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21st May, 2010

01:03 am - Nine Gates of Hell (18/?)
Title: Nine Gates of Hell
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: David asks Emily to spend the week with him at the beach, but they have company in the form of his wife, son and her boyfriend. Things do not go as planned.
Disclaimer: Emily and David aren't mine... nor is Zooey... or anyone else mentioned in this story.

AN: I can tell you guys are shocked. Two parts within a few days. What's going on? Must be all that upfronts hand-holdingy goodness. Either way, enjoy a nice HOT chapter. 

Part 18

“What’s beeping?” David whined, he was still mostly asleep “Em, make it stop, please” I rolled over and whacked the alarm silent before sighing and dragging myself out of bed. I hated early mornings. If I had realised just how many early mornings were involved in acting I might have taken up psychology or something instead.

“Em, where you going. Come back to bed. I need cuddles” I chuckled, who knew David was whiny and clingy when he didn’t want to wake up.

“No Dave, I have to get up. So do you. We have to go to work”

“Work?” hew asked confused.

“Yeah, Bones, remember, holiday’s over”

“Shit, that’s today?” He was suddenly a lot more awake and slowly managing to drag himself out of bed.

“Yep. Shower time”

“Ooh, that does sound good. So long as you’re going to join me” he teased. Yep, David Boreanaz was back in the building.

“Against my better judgement. But if you make us late for work I will never shower with you on a work day again”

“Got it”

“Good. Now come on. If you go to work looking like that you’ll be in big trouble”

“What’s wrong with the way I look?” he tried to smooth out his hair but only made it look worse causing me to laugh at him before stripping my clothes off on the way to the bathroom.

True to his word David did not make us late for work, though we did end up having to eat breakfast on the way to the lot. I’d thrown on the first clothes I’d found in my closet, luckily it was a comfy old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, even though it was finally warming up the mornings were still freezing. David didn’t have time to look for anything else and got stuck wearing the same clothes from the day before.

Michaela caught sight of us just as we were parking and getting out of the car.

“Arriving together?” her tone was suspicious yet teasing and so very reminiscent of Angela “No wait, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know”

“So how was your break?” I asked changing the subject quickly.

“Nice, took a trip up to visit my parents, relaxed, read a book”

“What about you guys?”

“We took Jaden to the beach for a few days” David told Michaela, careful to avoid explaining who the we was and completely omitting the last few days of the trip.

“David and I broke up and my dad had some minor heart problems”

“Oh sweetie, that’s horrible. Are you okay? Is your Dad okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Honestly”

“Okay, but we’ll talk later” Of course we would. Michaela was one of those people who always wanted to talk things like break-ups through.

“She separated from us then, heading into hair and make-up while David and I headed for our trailers.

I had barely had a chance to look at our latest script and I doubted Dave had either. I wasn’t surprised when he turned up at my door twenty minutes later wanting to go over lines with me. We always went over our lines together, I didn’t see why that should change. We managed half an hour of going over lines before he apparently got so distracted by my lips that he just had to kiss me and then all semblance of work was lost.

When Michaela wandered in without knocking already in full Angela costume a few minutes later David’s hand was caressing my breast through my shirt and his shirt was on the other side of the trailer.

“Oops” Rather than heading back out of the trailer and leaving us alone she proceeded to come inside closing the door behind her. “You two want to fill in the blanks about your little vacation for me?”

“Um… We all went to the beach together. David and Jaime split, David and I split, we stayed at the beach without them. Can you guess the rest or do you need details?” I joked

“I think I’m gonna head to hair and make-up” David announced, I couldn’t blame him, I wished I could disappear to hair and make-up too.

“Oh, I think I definitely want details” Michaela assured me once David was gone.

“What more do you need to know? We were both single, we had sex, we’re in love. He’s staying at my place because Jaime kicked him out. Oh and Jaime’s pregnant”

“Geez Em, how do you get yourself into these things?”

“I don’t know. But I couldn’t stay with David when I’m in love with Dave. I had to end it. It was coincidence that Dave just happened to scream out my name in bed with his wife and that she left him the same day. And why should we be apart when we’re both single and we love each other?”

“It’s okay sweetie. I’m happy for you. You two are pretty perfect for each other. Everyone can see that from a mile away. I’m just worried that the press are gonna screw things up for you and make it into some big scandal when they get wind of it”

“Yeah, I’m a bit worried about that too actually” It was the one thing I had been worried about since the start. I had never worried about whether we would be able to make things work, just about what would happen when the press got hold of it. Would it ruin Bones? Would it ruin both our reputations? I’d seen people go down for less. And no doubt the story would get skewed so no one would really hear the real story but some twisted version of how I stole him from his wife or how he seduced me into breaking up with my boyfriend so he could get a bigger part on Bones or something.

“Just try not to worry about it until it happens. And be a little bit careful. Sweetie, groping each other in public may give people ideas.”

I laughed “We weren’t in public until you came in and stood in the doorway so everyone could see”

“True. Well maybe keep it off the set too. Unless it’s in the script”

“You’re probably right. I think Dave and I need to have a little discussion tonight”

We were interrupted at that moment by one of the crew rapping on the door “You’re needed in hair-and make-up”

“Talk to you soon Sweetie” Michaela disappeared to her own trailer presumably to work on her lines or perhaps off to an early morning scene with one of the other cast members. I headed to hair and make-up, the most tedious and boring part of my day. I really didn’t enjoy having people adjusting my hair and scrutinising every little pore on my face to make sure they would be mostly invisible to the camera.

It felt like every time I turned around all day there was David, next to me, near me, smiling at me. It was ridiculous. As much as I loved him and wanted to spend every moment outside of work with him, I did not need him around all the time at work. Had he always been like that and I just hadn’t been aware of it?

I broached the subject in the car on the way home. I hoped the second problem would be solved by Michaela’s suggestion.

“Dave. I think if we’re gonna continue with this then we need a few boundaries. You and I. We can’t be hooking up at work and acting all suspicious. Which means we have to act just like we always used to. We can’t hang out together all the time and you can’t always be looking at me and talking to me. You gotta talk to other people”

“Em, I wasn’t acting any different today. Well apart from this morning in your trailer”

“Okay, I believe you, but we have to make sure we both tone it down a bit at work. Or we’re going to have a huge scandal on our hands”

“Sure. But it’s going to be torture. God Em, all day, all I’ve wanted to do is touch you and kiss you. Do you know how much I want to get you home and to bed. I’ve missed you the last couple of days.”

“Mmm” it came out more like a hum than anything else my body reacting immediately to the implication of his words and his husky tone.

Any thought of us possibly turning into a huge scandal left my mind and all I wanted was to get home so I could enjoy the feeling of David’s skin on mine. He was right, it had been way too long.

We barely made it through the door before his hands were trailing over my body and his lips were on mine. I had to hope no one was spying on my house that evening as his lips were already trailing down my neck and his hands creeping under my t-shirt before I’d managed to get the key in the lock.

My t-shirt and bra ended up in the entrance hall, David’s shirt was on the stairs that led down to Zooey’s, my jeans made it to the couch. I have no idea where my shoes ended up and my panties were next to David’s jeans which got flung into the guest room. We didn’t even make it into the bedroom.

His lips plunged into my mouth and her pressed me hungrily against the wall of the hallway. I shivered against the cool surface and flexed my toes in the plush carpet to stay upright as he continued to assault my body with his lips and hands. He used his body to hold me against the wall thrusting unconsciously against my clit, my moan of pleasure only urging him on. One hand roughly massaged my breast forcing my nipple to harden until the tip was so tender that even the slightest touch sent my body into spasms. Only then did his attention turn to my other breast, his fingers kneading, twisting and pulling until I was gripping his arms just hoping for release. With his other hand he trailed gentle fingers over my clit before burying two fingers roughly inside me, a third finger quickly joining them. With every thrust his cock collided with my clit at the very moment that his fingers curved up and forward finding my g-spot. It was the most delicious form of torture.

Suddenly his fingers were withdrawn, I groaned in frustration, I had been so close to my release, so close that every muscle in my body had begun to tighten around his fingers only to release in frustration as they were removed. Moments later the fingers were replaced by his cock pressing insistently inside me and forcing me up so that my feet were almost off the ground. Instantly David’s hands were under my ass inviting my legs around his waist serving only to deepen our connection. My teeth grazed his shoulder, he grunted into my hair. I could feel how close he was. His fingers dug almost painfully into my ass as I reached between us rubbing my clit, my legs clenched so tightly around Dave’s body that I wasn’t sure he could breathe. I knew I was close to the precipice and then suddenly David was sucking and nibbling at my already sensitive nipple sending me into oblivion, I was barely aware that he was still thrusting inside me until he grunted against my shoulder barely managing to stay on his feet as he too found release. As my body slowly began to relax, my heart rate returning to something approaching normal David gently set me back on the ground, I stumbled, my legs barely able to support me, the few feet into my bedroom dropping onto the bed without even moving the covers. My eyes barely open I watched as Dave smiled contentedly at me, indulging himself with a lingering gaze over my heated flesh before lifting me under the covers and sliding in next to me.

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18th May, 2010

01:07 pm - Nine Gates of Hell (17/?)
Title: Nine Gates of Hell
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: David asks Emily to spend the week with him at the beach, but they have company in the form of his wife, son and her boyfriend. Things do not go as planned.
Disclaimer: Emily and David aren't mine... nor is Zooey... or anyone else mentioned in this story.

AN: Once again with the slowness. I am soo sorry guys. Hope you enjoy this one with it's twists and turns. 

Read more...Collapse )

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31st January, 2010

02:54 pm - Nine Gates of Hell (16/?)
 Title: Nine Gates of Hell
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: David asks Emily to spend the week with him at the beach, but they have company in the form of his wife, son and her boyfriend. Things do not go as planned.
Disclaimer: Emily and David aren't mine... nor is Zooey... or anyone else mentioned in this story.

AN: I have to apologise so much for how long it's taken me to get this part done especially since it isn't really anything special. I just got so busy with uni and NaNoWriMo and then i was just so tired that i couldn't think of writing anything and it's taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. So i sincerely thank anyone who has stuck around for so long and hope you enjoy this part. I promise i didn't forget about you guys. Is anyone else loving the 5th season heaps more than the 4th? Anyway, story time.

Part 16

David looked good nestled beneath my comforter, his bare shoulders contrasting perfectly with the plum sheets. The urge to join him was so strong that all I did was drop my clothes to the floor so that I was left in nothing but panties. Carefully I slipped into bed with him until my whole body was pressed against his bare back. I wished he was awake, the need to be held and touched by him was strong, to have someone comfort me finally, but I didn’t dare wake him up, he needed the sleep.

I couldn’t help pressing a soft kiss to David’s bare shoulder as I cuddled up to him, the skin was warm beneath my lips. Without even noticing, I was peppering kisses across his skin, until I finally reached his mouth, only then did I hear him moaning into my kiss.

“Hey” he whispered when I pulled away “Nice wake up”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up” And I really hadn’t.

“How’s Zooey” He asked turning onto his back and pulling me against him.

“She’s... I don’t know Dave... she’s freaked. We both are” His fingers twisted in the soft curls that rested on my shoulders letting them fall over my fingers and I forgot anything that I might have wanted to add.

“You know Em, you don’t always have to be the strong one”

“I know... But what if I let go and I can’t get control again?” It was the thing that always scared me the most. I had to be the strong one, and even the slightest moment of weakness could be the end of me.

“Then I’ll be here, and I’ll bring you back” If anyone could do it then it would be David Boreanaz “I’m here Em, I promise. Always” I believed him, with those eyes it was hard not to.

Finally, for the first time in too long I let go. I stopped being the strong one, I passed the baton to David, if only temporarily. He didn’t say anything about the tears that seemed to spill endlessly from my eyes. As he held me, I was sure the tears would never stop, for a moment I was even scared he’d leave me. I was scared that he’d no longer find me attractive once he’d seen my face red, blotchy and streaked with tears. I felt guilty immediately after. If there was one man in the world besides my father who would ever love me unconditionally it was him.
I don’t know how long it was until the tears stopped falling. It might have been ten minutes, it might have been three hours. But eventually it seemed there were no more tears left inside me and I focussed on bringing my breathing back under control breathing in time with David’s deep, controlled breaths as much as I could.

“Thanks” I whispered leaning up to press a kiss to David’s lips, my breathing finally back to normal.

We didn’t have sex that night. Sure there was a part of me that wanted to. David Boreanaz is after all, an incredibly attractive man and I was in love with him. But any relationship we were going to have would be about more than just sex. Of course it was all still very new and sex was definitely at the forefront of both of our minds. Only I was so exhausted both physically and emotionally that all I could do was lay with my head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat while he trailed his fingers over my bare back until I fell asleep. I was kind of surprised when I fell asleep barely five minutes after my tears stopped.

We were still in the same position when I woke up, only by then there was sun streaming in through a crack in the curtain and through my open bedroom door. David was already awake and watching me as if I was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Morning Sunshine” he whispered against my cheek when he realised my eyes were open. I smiled, the unpleasantness of the previous day momentarily out of my mind.

“So, those plans you had yesterday morning, are they still on the table?” It was out of my mouth before I’d thought about it, but David was smirking happily so I didn’t mind.

“Of course. Why? You ready to reschedule?” I nodded shyly and he had me pressed on my back on the mattress before I’d managed to say anything.

With so few clothes between us my arousal was almost instantaneous. I was hyper aware of every movement he made. Of every millimetre of flesh that connected with mine. His breath was warm on the base of my neck, his chest pressed into my side as he leaned over me. His toes were cool against my ankle where they’d been thrown out from under the covers during the night. The tips of his fingers were dancing across my sensitive flesh, exploring as if it had been months since he’d touched me when it had been little more than a day. It was nice to feel so wanted, especially by David.

As if we were the cast of a particularly cliché movie, Zooey took that moment to wander into my living room giving her a perfect view through my open bedroom door and making me very thankful we were under the covers. Not that what we were doing left anything to the imagination anyway. She wasn’t twelve after all.

“Okay then, well I think I am going to go back downstairs and make some nice breakfast, put some nice loud music on. You guys come down when you’re ready.” Zooey grinned wickedly “Oh, I just came up to ask if you wanted to go see Mum later today and see how Dad is doing at home, they did say they’d release him today” Zooey sounded hopeful, she didn’t really want to go alone.

“Yeah, of course, I was planning to head over there anyway”

“Okay, well I’ll see you two later then. Em, for the record, you definitely need that kama sutra” she added before turning away from us leaving me no room to comment.

David looked at me questioningly his body still pressing heavily on me “She thinks I need to be more adventurous in bed, she says she’s going to buy me the kama sutra for my birthday” I explained.

“Well I certainly wouldn’t complain about adventure” he winked at me cheekily and if Zooey had any idea the sorts of things I was thinking at that moment she would have surely scrapped the entire kama sutra idea.

“I will have you know Mr. Boreanaz, I have plenty of adventure already”

“I don’t doubt that. But a kama sutra could be fun... besides I hear they make them out of chocolate now. Fun and edible” I slapped his arm playfully and all thoughts of our interruption left our minds. The temperature was back to smouldering and neither of us had any trouble picking up right where we had left off.

Dave was quick to divest me of my few remaining clothes and seemed to take great delight in trailing his fingers over my naked skin. Every time I shivered under his touch he smiled cheekily and repeated the action. Every time I tried to pull him close, he pulled further away, teasing me, making sure I knew we were doing things his way. His fingers were like fire on my thighs, on my chest, tweaking my nipples into hardened nubs. And his tongue was like heaven. Life could not get better than his tongue swirling over the tip of my nipple before he sucked it into his mouth. For a while it was like everything except him faded away. I had no concept of how loud my moans were and whether my sister could hear them downstairs. Though I have to admit she probably did, but I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that David kept touching me.

Eventually reality seeped back in. I could hear the faint sounds of some nondescript rock music played way too loud coming from downstairs and smiled at Zooey’s music choice before blushing as I hoped it was loud enough to drown us out. Dave grinned right back at me thinking the same thing. It was almost enough for me to lose myself in him again but not quite. We needed to get out of bed. I needed to go with Zooey to see my parents and make sure my father was doing okay and David needed to talk to his wife. Those two thoughts alone were enough to make our carefully constructed bubble crumble around me and let the rest of the world back in. But not enough to pull me away from David’s embrace.

He followed me to the bathroom and didn’t hesitate to follow me straight into the shower. I half expected it and it was nice to have something so predictable. He adjusted the temperature while I searched for towels. The moment I joined him under the spray his arms slipped around my body and rested on the small of my back. The feel of the spray against my shoulders combined with his slick wet skin was enough to make me sigh as I rested my head on his shoulder breathing in his scent. I was too comfortable to move.

David held me for a few minutes before he realised that I wasn’t going to do anything myself. It was as if all the energy had suddenly drained from me. He lovingly shampooed and conditioned my hair running his fingers through the soapy tendrils until they were clean. Before soaping up the purple loofah and scrubbing every inch of my skin clean. I felt ridiculous standing there like a lump while he washed me but I was just too exhausted to do it myself, not physically, but emotionally. All the week’s events seemed to catch up to me at once. I watched on as he quickly washed his own body not bothering with his hair before he cut off the spray from the shower and wrapped a fluffy white towel around my body. He didn’t bother with one for himself until I was dry and ensconced in my robe.

I didn’t complain when he led me back to my bedroom and started searching through my dresser and closet as if he lived there. Nor did I complain when he handed me a set of underwear or my oldest, comfiest jeans and a black t-shirt. It was nice not to have to make any decisions. And somehow he seemed to know exactly what I wanted to wear anyway only without the hassle of me having to try and figure it out myself. If left up to me I probably would have ended up in some uncomfortable ensemble that would do nothing but drive me crazy all day. Yep, it was definitely better that he chose. Though I did draw the line at having him actually dress me. That I could definitely do myself.
While David got dressed I focussed on pulling myself back together. The moment we left the bedroom I would need to be the strong one again. David knew it too. He didn’t try to assure me I didn’t need to be strong like he had the night before, he knew that would be futile. Instead he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed, almost as if he was hoping to transfer some of his own strength to my body.
By the time we made it downstairs Zooey had pancakes and freshly cut fruit ready for us. I knew the pancakes were vegan, even though Zooey was vegetarian she happily cooked vegan food if she knew I’d be eating it, she’s been doing it for years, but her repertoire had grown a lot since we’d been sharing the duplex because on the rare occasions that we were both home at the same time we always shared our meals.

I grabbed a couple of pancakes from the pile and added a generous serving of the mixed berries from the bowl next to them (strawberries, blueberries and blackberries), David had a plate of mostly pancakes. Zooey smirked at us from her spot at the table, obviously relishing the opportunity to tease me about my early morning tryst.

Before she could speak I broached the subject that had been in the back of my mind for most of the morning “Can I get a lift with you to mum and dad’s?”

“Yeah of course. Ben’s gonna meet me there so you might need to bring my car home for me but I don’t see a problem. Why?”

“Well apart from the obvious fact that we don’t need two cars to go to the same place?”

“Oh yeah” Zooey agreed as if it had just dawned on her that we were both going to the same place.

When we went back upstairs it was left up to me to give David a gentle reminder to go to his wife’s house while we were gone.

“Em? Could I ask you a huge favour?” he pleaded as I grabbed my purse and keys “Could you come with me to see Jaime?” He was right it was a huge favour and it was most definitely not my place to go especially considering the reason she was angry with him. But I was powerless to resist his pleading brown eyes.

“Fine. But you two are talking alone, there is no way I want to be there for that. I’ll hang out with Jaden though and make sure he doesn’t hear anything he shouldn’t.”

For a moment David looked mortified as if it was the first he had thought of his son’s involvement in their situation “Oh god” he muttered.
“David, other families have broken up. He’ll deal with it, it will be fine. And it’s better than the two of you staying together and making each other miserable.

“Right, right. You’re right”

“Okay, you’re good? I’ll tell Zooey that we’ll take my car and then we can go see Jaime on the way home, Zooey’s going to be out for the night so we can talk if you need to. But right now I suggest you call your wife and tell her that we’ll be by later. She may not appreciate a surprise visit” Somehow dealing with David’s problems was far easier than dealing with my own. Which were that my father would at some point in the future die, and so would my mother. Sure the doctors had given him the all clear for the moment but that didn’t change the fact that he was getting older, we all were. What if he never got to see his grandchildren. And then I realised. I had never really considered having children before, not while I had been dating the other David. I hadn’t really wanted them. But now suddenly it was the one thing I wanted. To have a family with David.

Maybe they could write it into the script somehow and it wouldn’t affect Bones because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to hide a pregnancy and if the show kept doing well then who knew when it would finish and I would be free to have a child. Then I realised that they were already preparing for it. They had already written in Brennan’s changing view on motherhood, set the scene for a pregnancy in the not too distant future. Maybe they were doing it because they thought I wanted to have a baby. How could they know when I didn’t?

I could hear David on the phone in my bedroom as I mused over my future children, what would they look like? Would they be able to sing? Would they want to act? Or write? Or maybe they would want to break away from the show biz world and be doctors or lawyers.
I was still thinking about small brown haired children with cute blue eyes when David returned.

“She doesn’t sound as angry as she did the other day” he announced with a slight grimace on his face.

“That’s good”

“I guess. I explained about your father and how you’re coming with me as well. She wasn’t too happy with the idea but she didn’t say you couldn’t come. I told her you were going to hang with Jaden while we talked.” I nodded and wished desperately for the day to simply be over, for all the drama to be resolved, so I could go home and enjoy spending some time with the man I loved.

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1st January, 2010

01:56 pm - Everyone Loves A Vampire
Title: Everyone Loves A Vampire
Fandom: RPF
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When did watching reruns of Buffy become her guilty pleasure?
Disclaimer: Demily aren't mine, nor is Buffy

AN: Sorry i haen't posted in ages i've been busy with uni but i'm on holidays now and planning to finish off my unfinished stuff including Nine Gates of Hell. But i found this almost finished on my computer and figured i might as well finish it off for you guys. 

Everyone Loves A Vampire

She wasn’t sure when she’d started spending her nights watching Buffy and Angel reruns when she should have been sleeping. She wasn’t sure why she was drawn to the supernatural television show, with its dark themes and teenagers with more hormones than sense. She told herself that it was because the show was interesting, and that the only reason she turned off when she saw David wasn’t in it was that she was tired.

She didn’t watch Buffy because of a certain dark haired vampire who was just a little younger and a little less chiselled than the man she knew. Her guilty pleasure used to be chocolate, daytime tv and trashy tabloids. When had her only guilty pleasure become David Boreanaz?
She vaguely remembered lusting after Angel when she’d first seen Buffy, all the way back in its first season, she’d been barely twenty, still in college. Her and her roommates had always taken time off of studying and partying to glue themselves to the tv and fawn over the dark angel. She’d never dreamed she’d get to meet the man, let alone spend every day with him.

Just as she was pondering her new obsession with Angel, she couldn’t admit it was David, that would be wrong. The phone rang, in her hurry to answer she forgot to mute the tv.

“Hey Em”

“David?” she asked confused.

“Yeah, what you doing?” Typical David Boreanaz, late night phone call, no explanation.

“Watching tv”

“Oh” David fell silent and Emily sighed, she had absolutely no patience for David that night. For a long time the only sound apart from the tv was their slightly out of sync breathing down the phone line.

“Oh my god, did they just say Sunnydale?” David asked suddenly excited a few minutes later. Emily blushed as David’s younger, demonic counterpart pressed his lips to his co-stars reminding her just what those lips could do.

“No!” She defended, her voice trembling slightly “What’s Sunnydale?” she asked pretending to be ignorant.

“Nice try Em. For an actress you’re a really bad liar.”

“Am not” she protested.

“Don’t even try and deny it. You’re a Buffy junkie. I can tell”

“I am not” She argued, a nervous laugh escaping her lips.

“Yeah. So what episode are you watching? Am I in it?”

“I told you I’m not watching Buffy”

“Sure” David replied disbelievingly “That’s why I heard the theme song before and people talking about Sunnydale”

Emily sighed admitting that David probably had heard the theme song and there wasn’t any point trying to hide it anymore “yeah you’re in it. I don’t know what it’s called though, it’s the one where you first kiss Buffy” Emily shuddered a little at the memory of just how delicious his lips had tasted a few months earlier when his body had been resting on top of hers in that god awful bed on set. She had desperately wanted for the entire world to disappear around them that day so that they could just keep kissing without worrying about positioning, or looking to real, or his wife finding out. She just wanted to kiss David Boreanaz forever, and longer than forever if that was possible. There she had finally admitted it to herself, she wanted to kiss David Boreanaz.

She knew David was grinning and she didn’t need to see it to imagine in full detail the cocky smirk he would be wearing “That was a good day. Sarah is an amazing kisser you know. Very professional. You know, I have kissed a lot of women in my time both on and off the set, but I have never kissed anyone quite like her.”

Emily glared at the skinny blonde on the screen who was at that moment talking animatedly to her red haired friend. She was just David’s type, if his wife was anything to go by, unlike herself. She didn’t have the tiny frame and bleached blonde hair, or apparently the kissing skills of the woman on the screen. She suddenly realised David wasn’t talking anymore and she had yet to respond to him.

“Don’t let your wife hear you talking like that, she might get jealous” Emily warned.

David laughed “I never said she was the best”

“Oh?” Emily’s interest piqued.

“Yeah.” He agreed.

“Then tell me, who’s the best” she sat up straighter on her sofa andmuted the tv not entirely sure she wanted to know the answer anyway.

“Objectively speaking?”

“Yes of course”

“Well, it’s not Sarah.” He paused, and Emily held her breath waiting for him to say it was his wife as she expected “It’s not Jaime either” he admitted “Actually she’s the worst of the lot of them to be honest” Emily picked up on his use of them and realised that he hadn’t included her in the group, maybe he’d forgotten or she was so awful she wasn’t even on the list.

“Ingrid?” she asked, cringing slightly as she waited for his answer, it would make sense for it to be his first wife after all.

“God no” he laughed as if her question amused him. They were both quiet for so long that she jumped in surprise when he spoke again, despite it only being a whisper “You” it was so quiet and so unexpected she almost missed it. But she didn’t, and he didn’t miss her sharp intake of breath or the effect of that one word on her.

“I think your lips were made for mine Em, because they fit perfectly and kissing you felt so good” she groaned as the younger version of him strode across the screen clad all in black with a leather jacket thrown over the top “And god, so sinful. I wanted it to be real. I wanted all of it to be real. I wanted that to be you in that bed with me, not Bones” She wished he was there so she could comfort him, she knew he took his vows seriously and probably felt guilty just for wanting her instead of his wife.

“It was me in that bed with you” she admitted to him quietly.

“Really?” he sounded so hopeful.

“Yeah. Well, not completely.” She added “Emily would never wear underwear like that”

“Oh? And just what would Emily be wearing?”

“You will have to find that one out for yourself. A lady never tells” she teased.

“Em” he growled “Don’t tease me like that. I don’t think I can resist that kind of offer”

“Then don’t” It was as simple as that. He was at her place in time to watch the credits roll on Buffy and before the first ad break of the next episode he was inspecting her underwear for himself. The conclusion – he liked Emily’s choice far better than Brennan’s.

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16th December, 2009

02:27 pm - A Matter of Destiny - Cats Can't Talk... Can They (1/?)
Title: A Matter of Destiny
Chapter Title: Cats Can't Talk... Can They
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Willow/Tara
Prompt: Willow gets sucked into another universe; or a character from another show/book/movie gets sucked into Willow's.
AN: I'll post the link to chapter 2 when it's done

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02:24 pm - A Matter of Destiny - Prologue
I had intended for this fic to be finished completely by now but life kinda got in the way so here is the prologue. The second one is almost done (i'll post a link when it is).

This is for the Which Witch Ficathon over at the whichwillow comm.

Title: A Matter of Destiny
Chapter Title: Prologue
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Willow/Tara
Prompt: Willow gets sucked into another universe; or a character from another show/book/movie gets sucked into Willow's.
AN: In order for this to work out i had to make the buffy guys a little younger when the series started by about a year... otherwise Willow would have been too old for the story to work the way i have planned.

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Chapter 1 - Cats Can't Talk... Can They?

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22nd July, 2009

12:03 am - Nine Gates of Hell (15/?)
Title: Nine Gates of Hell
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: David asks Emily to spend the week with him at the beach, but they have company in the form of his wife, son and her boyfriend. Things do not go as planned. 
Disclaimer: Emily and David aren't mine... nor is Zooey... or anyone else mentioned in this story.

AN: I'm sorry there's not really a whole lot of Demily in this part, i was planning to have more, but then i got to the spot i ended it and it felt like the spot to finish it. So i promise there'll be way more in the next part. 

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