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101 in 1001 (started 12/12/11) - Hypothetically Happy

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19th December, 2011

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11:15 pm - 101 in 1001 (started 12/12/11)


Become fluent in French

Learn to speak basic German

Learn to say 'i love you' in 10 different languages

Learn 10 useful phrases in 10 different languages

Learn 100 French verbs

Find a French penpal and write letters in French

Finish all busuu.com units in Spanish

Finish all busuu.com units in German


Watch every episode of dollhouse

Make an iTunes playlist of 101 of my favourite songs

Read 101 books

Watch 101 movies

Watch at least 100 episodes of Pokemon

Read at least 5 comics

Go to the cinema 10 times

See a roller derby bout live


Keep a gratitude journal for 365 days

Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

Have a list of 1001 favourite quotes

Make a list of 101 things i have already achieved

Make a list of 25 things i like about myself

Keep a food diary for a month

Identify 100 things that make me happy

Send a secret to postsecret

Finish all poems and stories started before 12/12/11

Finish Reload Tomorrow

Complete both MASH fanfics

Complete Sam/Jack fic

Complete Daniel/Vala fic

Complete Willow/Tara fics

Make inspirational journal

Write a fan letter

Complete the LGBT 30 day challenge

Leave a note in a book that says: if you liked this book email me at____ (x15)


Be 62 kgs

Go to 101 gym classes (4/101)

Go rockclimbing

Go hiking

No fast food for a month (Started 18/12/11)

No chocolate for a week (5 times)

Do the 200 squats challenge (www.twohundredsquats.com) (50/200)

Go rollerskating

Eat vegetarian for a week

Go to the gym 7 days in a row

Go to the gym 500 times (4/500)

Run entire length of the walkway

Eat nothing but fruit/veg for 24 hours


Have 5000 posts on tumblr

Get a tattoo

Finish a whole colouring book

Have shower sex

Give flowers to someone

Get flowers from someone

Have 101 followers on tumblr

Get a New Year's kiss at midnight

Get rid of 100 things

Leave a note inside a book for someone else to find

Organise my HDD

Become part of the RSPCA TLC program

Have a boardgame night

Make 101 zentangles

Put all cds on the computer

Finish a whole logic book

Finish a whole kakuro book

Finish 10 crocheted projects

Grow something 

Complete 12 of 12 project for 12 months

Scrapbook 101 list

Learn a new card game

Leave 25 operation beautiful notes (and photograph them)

Make a treasure hunt for someone

Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet

Donate blood

Go people watching for at least 24 hours

Have a relationship lasting at least 6 months

Travel/Out and About

Go to Europe

Go to a gay pride event

Get a passport

Go on a road trip

Meet one of my penpals/RTA friends

Visit Platform 9 3/4

Go to the zoo

Spend a day at Hahndorf/Mt Lofty

Ride a rollercoaster that goes upside down

Go out for dinner 10 times

Go on a picnic


Buy a little black dress

Buy a car

Move house

Keep a swear jar for a  month

Go a week without buying anything

Put away $10 for every goal completed

Don't buy any books/dvds/games for a month

Don't buy any clothes/accessories for a month

Keep a spending diary for a month


Be able to name all countries on Sporcle.com (155/196)

Learn to drive a manual car

Learn to crochet

Read 101 academic articles

Find and prepare 25 new dishes

Expand my vocabulary by 100 words

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