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Nine Gates of Hell (19/19) - Hypothetically Happy

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2nd August, 2010

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12:44 pm - Nine Gates of Hell (19/19)
 Title: Nine Gates of Hell
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: David asks Emily to spend the week with him at the beach, but they have company in the form of his wife, son and her boyfriend. Things do not go as planned.
Disclaimer: Emily and David aren't mine... nor is Zooey... or anyone else mentioned in this story.

AN: This is the last chapter. I don't think this is how I planned for this to end when I began and I feel bad that there isn't a better ending for you guys. Hopefully you'll enjoy this quick little final chapter. 

Part 19

The next day was an interview day. They were my favourite while at the same time being my least favourite type of day. I loved getting to spend the entire day bantering with David, even though it sometimes felt like we were repeating the same information over and over again, every so often someone would ask us something truly original and I’d end up learning something new about him. The torturous part was the fear that somebody might realise how I felt about him, that someone might start questioning our relationship, I wasn’t sure how well I would be able to deny it. The entire situation was made worse by the fact that there was suddenly something that actually needed denying.
Of course that didn’t matter much after the third interview of the day because David decided that was the appropriate time to blurt out to the interviewer that he and his wife had separated. Followed very quickly by him planting a very passionate kiss on my lips that left everyone in the room very aware of the situation. He and his wife were separated and he and I were now more than just coworkers.

Our pulicists were on us in a flash shooing the interviewer from the room, not that she cared much, she had the biggest scoop of the day. ‘Bones stars find love’. There would be no keeping it under wraps, all the biggest networks would pick it up before the evening news and it would be online even before that.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to strangle David or kiss him. Could he have been any more stupid if he tried?

“That was a dumnbass stunt David. I swear you do this just to make me work to clean up your mess. But what were you thinking bringing Emily into it?” His publicist was reaming him out and he looked like a kicked puppy.

“It’s not some stunt. Jaime and I are getting a divorce and I’m currently living with Emily”

Both the publicists looked to me for confirmation. I nodded.

“Fine, but for the record it would be better if you discussed these things with me before blurting them out to a room full of journalists.”

“At least we don’t have to worry about them finding out” I joked.

David smiled “And now I can kiss you whenever I like. And take you out to dinner, like you deserve”

“But I was getting used to staying in” I teased “Dinner does sound nice though”

I couldn’t be too angry with David. However the press had found out would have been messy but it was better that we could control to some extent how the story ran.

There was no discussion about whether the press day would continue. It had to. We needed a chance to clarify our story, to make sure it was clear we had not acted behind Jaime’s back, that their marriage had ended before our relationship began. That was the most important thing now.


After the media circus died down things went pretty smoothly. David and Jaime Divorced, we took Jaden and Bardot every other weekend. We didn’t get married but we did eventually have a baby. When I fell pregnant half way through the filming of the seventh season it was decided that it was time for the pregnancy to be written into the plot rather than ignored. So as the eighth season of Bones began, Booth and Brennan became the proud parents of a little girl that Booth was determined would become an FBI agent and David and I became the proud parents of a little boy who we just hoped would grow up healthy.

Bones lasted one more season after that before the network called it quits. Oliver is seven now. Both David and I have mostly retired from acting and now we mostly work behind the scenes, directing and producing, on occasion writing. Our story isn’t over yet but I wanted to get the first bits down before they fade from my memory entirely, I am sure some aspects of this story differ from how they actually occurred, and that some of them I remember as being more magical than they actually were. Either way, this is the story of how a friendship blossomed into something more and I traded one David for another. Oh, and Zooey did eventually buy me that Kama Sutra for my birthday which David and I have been enjoying ever since, in fact, I believe that’s how Oliver was conceived.

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