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21st May, 2010

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01:03 am - Nine Gates of Hell (18/?)
Title: Nine Gates of Hell
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: David asks Emily to spend the week with him at the beach, but they have company in the form of his wife, son and her boyfriend. Things do not go as planned.
Disclaimer: Emily and David aren't mine... nor is Zooey... or anyone else mentioned in this story.

AN: I can tell you guys are shocked. Two parts within a few days. What's going on? Must be all that upfronts hand-holdingy goodness. Either way, enjoy a nice HOT chapter. 

Part 18

“What’s beeping?” David whined, he was still mostly asleep “Em, make it stop, please” I rolled over and whacked the alarm silent before sighing and dragging myself out of bed. I hated early mornings. If I had realised just how many early mornings were involved in acting I might have taken up psychology or something instead.

“Em, where you going. Come back to bed. I need cuddles” I chuckled, who knew David was whiny and clingy when he didn’t want to wake up.

“No Dave, I have to get up. So do you. We have to go to work”

“Work?” hew asked confused.

“Yeah, Bones, remember, holiday’s over”

“Shit, that’s today?” He was suddenly a lot more awake and slowly managing to drag himself out of bed.

“Yep. Shower time”

“Ooh, that does sound good. So long as you’re going to join me” he teased. Yep, David Boreanaz was back in the building.

“Against my better judgement. But if you make us late for work I will never shower with you on a work day again”

“Got it”

“Good. Now come on. If you go to work looking like that you’ll be in big trouble”

“What’s wrong with the way I look?” he tried to smooth out his hair but only made it look worse causing me to laugh at him before stripping my clothes off on the way to the bathroom.

True to his word David did not make us late for work, though we did end up having to eat breakfast on the way to the lot. I’d thrown on the first clothes I’d found in my closet, luckily it was a comfy old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, even though it was finally warming up the mornings were still freezing. David didn’t have time to look for anything else and got stuck wearing the same clothes from the day before.

Michaela caught sight of us just as we were parking and getting out of the car.

“Arriving together?” her tone was suspicious yet teasing and so very reminiscent of Angela “No wait, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know”

“So how was your break?” I asked changing the subject quickly.

“Nice, took a trip up to visit my parents, relaxed, read a book”

“What about you guys?”

“We took Jaden to the beach for a few days” David told Michaela, careful to avoid explaining who the we was and completely omitting the last few days of the trip.

“David and I broke up and my dad had some minor heart problems”

“Oh sweetie, that’s horrible. Are you okay? Is your Dad okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Honestly”

“Okay, but we’ll talk later” Of course we would. Michaela was one of those people who always wanted to talk things like break-ups through.

“She separated from us then, heading into hair and make-up while David and I headed for our trailers.

I had barely had a chance to look at our latest script and I doubted Dave had either. I wasn’t surprised when he turned up at my door twenty minutes later wanting to go over lines with me. We always went over our lines together, I didn’t see why that should change. We managed half an hour of going over lines before he apparently got so distracted by my lips that he just had to kiss me and then all semblance of work was lost.

When Michaela wandered in without knocking already in full Angela costume a few minutes later David’s hand was caressing my breast through my shirt and his shirt was on the other side of the trailer.

“Oops” Rather than heading back out of the trailer and leaving us alone she proceeded to come inside closing the door behind her. “You two want to fill in the blanks about your little vacation for me?”

“Um… We all went to the beach together. David and Jaime split, David and I split, we stayed at the beach without them. Can you guess the rest or do you need details?” I joked

“I think I’m gonna head to hair and make-up” David announced, I couldn’t blame him, I wished I could disappear to hair and make-up too.

“Oh, I think I definitely want details” Michaela assured me once David was gone.

“What more do you need to know? We were both single, we had sex, we’re in love. He’s staying at my place because Jaime kicked him out. Oh and Jaime’s pregnant”

“Geez Em, how do you get yourself into these things?”

“I don’t know. But I couldn’t stay with David when I’m in love with Dave. I had to end it. It was coincidence that Dave just happened to scream out my name in bed with his wife and that she left him the same day. And why should we be apart when we’re both single and we love each other?”

“It’s okay sweetie. I’m happy for you. You two are pretty perfect for each other. Everyone can see that from a mile away. I’m just worried that the press are gonna screw things up for you and make it into some big scandal when they get wind of it”

“Yeah, I’m a bit worried about that too actually” It was the one thing I had been worried about since the start. I had never worried about whether we would be able to make things work, just about what would happen when the press got hold of it. Would it ruin Bones? Would it ruin both our reputations? I’d seen people go down for less. And no doubt the story would get skewed so no one would really hear the real story but some twisted version of how I stole him from his wife or how he seduced me into breaking up with my boyfriend so he could get a bigger part on Bones or something.

“Just try not to worry about it until it happens. And be a little bit careful. Sweetie, groping each other in public may give people ideas.”

I laughed “We weren’t in public until you came in and stood in the doorway so everyone could see”

“True. Well maybe keep it off the set too. Unless it’s in the script”

“You’re probably right. I think Dave and I need to have a little discussion tonight”

We were interrupted at that moment by one of the crew rapping on the door “You’re needed in hair-and make-up”

“Talk to you soon Sweetie” Michaela disappeared to her own trailer presumably to work on her lines or perhaps off to an early morning scene with one of the other cast members. I headed to hair and make-up, the most tedious and boring part of my day. I really didn’t enjoy having people adjusting my hair and scrutinising every little pore on my face to make sure they would be mostly invisible to the camera.

It felt like every time I turned around all day there was David, next to me, near me, smiling at me. It was ridiculous. As much as I loved him and wanted to spend every moment outside of work with him, I did not need him around all the time at work. Had he always been like that and I just hadn’t been aware of it?

I broached the subject in the car on the way home. I hoped the second problem would be solved by Michaela’s suggestion.

“Dave. I think if we’re gonna continue with this then we need a few boundaries. You and I. We can’t be hooking up at work and acting all suspicious. Which means we have to act just like we always used to. We can’t hang out together all the time and you can’t always be looking at me and talking to me. You gotta talk to other people”

“Em, I wasn’t acting any different today. Well apart from this morning in your trailer”

“Okay, I believe you, but we have to make sure we both tone it down a bit at work. Or we’re going to have a huge scandal on our hands”

“Sure. But it’s going to be torture. God Em, all day, all I’ve wanted to do is touch you and kiss you. Do you know how much I want to get you home and to bed. I’ve missed you the last couple of days.”

“Mmm” it came out more like a hum than anything else my body reacting immediately to the implication of his words and his husky tone.

Any thought of us possibly turning into a huge scandal left my mind and all I wanted was to get home so I could enjoy the feeling of David’s skin on mine. He was right, it had been way too long.

We barely made it through the door before his hands were trailing over my body and his lips were on mine. I had to hope no one was spying on my house that evening as his lips were already trailing down my neck and his hands creeping under my t-shirt before I’d managed to get the key in the lock.

My t-shirt and bra ended up in the entrance hall, David’s shirt was on the stairs that led down to Zooey’s, my jeans made it to the couch. I have no idea where my shoes ended up and my panties were next to David’s jeans which got flung into the guest room. We didn’t even make it into the bedroom.

His lips plunged into my mouth and her pressed me hungrily against the wall of the hallway. I shivered against the cool surface and flexed my toes in the plush carpet to stay upright as he continued to assault my body with his lips and hands. He used his body to hold me against the wall thrusting unconsciously against my clit, my moan of pleasure only urging him on. One hand roughly massaged my breast forcing my nipple to harden until the tip was so tender that even the slightest touch sent my body into spasms. Only then did his attention turn to my other breast, his fingers kneading, twisting and pulling until I was gripping his arms just hoping for release. With his other hand he trailed gentle fingers over my clit before burying two fingers roughly inside me, a third finger quickly joining them. With every thrust his cock collided with my clit at the very moment that his fingers curved up and forward finding my g-spot. It was the most delicious form of torture.

Suddenly his fingers were withdrawn, I groaned in frustration, I had been so close to my release, so close that every muscle in my body had begun to tighten around his fingers only to release in frustration as they were removed. Moments later the fingers were replaced by his cock pressing insistently inside me and forcing me up so that my feet were almost off the ground. Instantly David’s hands were under my ass inviting my legs around his waist serving only to deepen our connection. My teeth grazed his shoulder, he grunted into my hair. I could feel how close he was. His fingers dug almost painfully into my ass as I reached between us rubbing my clit, my legs clenched so tightly around Dave’s body that I wasn’t sure he could breathe. I knew I was close to the precipice and then suddenly David was sucking and nibbling at my already sensitive nipple sending me into oblivion, I was barely aware that he was still thrusting inside me until he grunted against my shoulder barely managing to stay on his feet as he too found release. As my body slowly began to relax, my heart rate returning to something approaching normal David gently set me back on the ground, I stumbled, my legs barely able to support me, the few feet into my bedroom dropping onto the bed without even moving the covers. My eyes barely open I watched as Dave smiled contentedly at me, indulging himself with a lingering gaze over my heated flesh before lifting me under the covers and sliding in next to me.

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Date:20th May, 2010 04:55 pm (UTC)
I don't care what motivated you....I'M JUST GLAD IT HAS!

I'm sure the media attention wont be good and I'm sure it will cause some issues. I for one, can't wait! It's much more realistic that way. No way the press would be all happy and leave them alone. I simply can't wait for more!!! If bones goes bad tonight we will need this fic!
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Date:20th May, 2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
*noms on the yum* Also, there's a typing error... "I hoped the second problem would be solved by Angela’s suggestion." -- that should be Michaela, not Angela LOL
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Date:22nd May, 2010 04:40 pm (UTC)
OMG! *Fans self* This chapter was soo good! Can't wait to see other people's reactions.

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